We often get asked if there’s any point in writing a cover letter when applying for a job today and we always stress how important it is. However it’s essential that your cover letter answers a number of key questions to be most effective. What are you applying for? Your covering letter should let the hiring manager know the role that you are applying for, so be sure to make it clear. You should also briefly mention where you saw the job advertised and most importantly why you are applying for the job. It shows the hiring manager that you are a conscientious person who has taken the time to tailor a covering letter to the specific role. It demonstrates that you are not simply creating a standard template that you are sending out to multiple employers. Who are you? You should not repeat what is on your CV but you should give the employer a little flavour of who you are. Write a short summary about your employment at the moment, covering the position you hold and the company you work for. This statement is the way the hiring manager will remember you when discussing candidates so be sure to add a little extra detail to get you noticed. For example you might say “I’ve been actively pursuing a HR role within the energy sector so I was excited by this opportunity”. Why are you the best person for the job? Your covering letter is a real opportunity to sell yourself that shouldn’t be missed. Of course your CV details your work history, education and achievements, however you are relying on the hiring manager relating that experience to the job description. In your covering letter you can make that link yourself and show the employer how each of your key achievements could prove valuable to the role and the organisation. What can you bring to the business? Another important thing to keep in mind is that the hiring manager is trying to see what you could bring to the business. Of course they want to know about your hopes for career progression, however what they really want to know is how your employment is going to benefit them. So make sure you give a compelling reason for your employment and how you would positively impact the business in the long and short term. It will be this reason that will tempt the hiring manager in to giving you an interview. Don’t give them the option to say no! How can you be contacted? Of course you need to consider the basics too! Let the employer know how you can be contacted, giving them a number of different ways including your email address, phone number and home address. If your CV becomes separated from your covering letter then it ensures that an employer can bring them back together. You should also express how much you hope to secure an interview and how you relish the prospect of discussing the role in more detail. A covering letter is just another opportunity to sell yourself to a future employer so use it as a chance to show them just how amazing you are and what you can do for the business. There are so many exciting job opportunities in Yorkshire right now, so give yourself the best chance of securing one! We recruit for the full spectrum of roles within Accountancy, Finance and Human Resources, so let us find your next exciting opportunity. For permanent, interim and temporary roles in the Yorkshire region call 01904 208065 or email admin@optimumrecruitment.co.uk

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