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One of the most frustrating parts of searching for a new job is when you send out application after application and receive no response. It can be a little demotivating when you’re applying for jobs you think you are more than suitable for and lead you to ask “why aren’t I getting shortlisted?”. It’s often a tricky question to answer, however take a look at our pointers below to see whether we can help you get on that all important shortlist.

Have you tailored your CV to the role?

Firstly you need to ask yourself whether you’ve tailored your CV to the role you’re applying for. When recruiters and hiring managers are sifting through CVs you really need to capture their attention quickly and show them why you’re the right person for the job. Highlighting relevant skills and experience that relate to the role you’re applying for is so important. It isn’t enough to create a standard CV that you send out for all applications, you need to make sure that the hiring manager can see easily that you have the relevant skills.

Are you making the most of your achievements?

Make sure you shout about your accomplishments in your CV and covering letter as it could make all the difference when it comes to making the shortlist. If your achievements are tangible, for example “My initiative improved employee engagement by X%…”, then use them wisely, giving them a prominent place on the CV to help yours stand out from the rest.

Are your salary expectations realistic?

It’s always tricky when an employer asks for your salary expectations as part of the application process, but it’s always best to be honest about what you’re looking for. We recommend offering a salary bracket rather than a fixed amount so it gives the employer some room for manoeuvre, however make sure the figure is realistic. Take a look at what similar roles are offering in the marketplace to make sure you’re not over or underpricing yourself. There are a number of salary checker tools online to help you assess your value currently in the market.

Have you made it clear why you want the job?

It may sound a little obvious but are you making it clear why you want the job? For example is there a statement in your covering letter that explains concisely why you’re interested in the role? If not then make sure you add one next time. Let the employer know you want to work for their business, also if you’re looking to take a step back in your career then make this clear as the reason you’re applying for the job so they don’t dismiss you for being overqualified.

Is there a gap in your career history?

Job hopping or a gap in your career history isn’t looked on as negatively as it once was due to a changing market and changing lifestyles. However if you have a significant gap or you’ve left roles after a short period of time consistently, then you might want to add a comment within your CV that explains why. It might have been travel or raising a family, or perhaps you were made redundant. Whatever it was it helps to be clear and stops a hiring manager adding you to the ‘NO’ pile as they’re worried you won’t commit to the role.

Are you relocating for the role?

If you live in Scotland and you’re relocating to Wakefield in West Yorkshire, then be sure to let the recruiter know in your opening letter. Without an explanation a recruiter may simply assume that you don’t know where the location is or that you’ve sent out numerous applications and simply applied in error. Hiring managers are smart, however they’re busy people too and may simply dismiss the application as they don’t have the time to investigate it further.

Are you working with the right recruitment consultant?

Or perhaps you’re not even working with a recruitment consultant at all? Finding the right recruitment agency is so important as they’re representing you to companies and for roles that you may be interested in. Choosing a recruitment agency that specialises in your field is great as they’ll already have connections with local companies and understand the challenges and opportunities you have. Here at Optimum Recruitment Group we specialise in the recruitment of Accountancy, Finance and HR professionals so we have links across the region and a deep understanding of the various roles within different organisations.

It could simply be out of your control!

Of course it’s a lot of guesswork to find out why you’re not being shortlisted and sometimes it could be something that’s out of your control, for example, funding might have been cut for the role or they’ve decided to promote someone internally. Whatever the reason, don’t lose your determination to make a career step, as the perfect role is out there just waiting for you!


Here at Optimum Recruitment Group we specialise in the recruitment of Accountancy, Finance and Human Resource professionals across the Yorkshire region. Let us help you find the opportunity you’re looking for, call 01904 208065 or email admin@optimumrecruitment.co.uk


Posted By: Abigail Simpson

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