Your body talks!  

When preparing for an interview it’s just as important to think about your body language as it is about the answers you might give. Your body language is your first impression to your potential future employer, and though no-one should judge on first impressions they inevitably will make a lot of assumptions about you. Here are our dos and don’ts to help you make a great first impression:

The Dos

Make an Entrance

As soon as your potential future employer sees you they’ll start to consider whether you’re the right person for the organisation. Approach with confidence and shake their hand, it shows that you are feeling positive about the interview and that it’s important to you.

Don’t Forget Eye Contact

One of the most important body language tips is to make eye contact. As soon as you see your interviewer and throughout the interview you should make good eye contact to show that you’re engaged in the discussion and that you’re enthusiastic about the role.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Once you have sat down in your interview make sure you’re comfortable so you’re not constantly moving around which could be distracting for the interviewer. If you’re wearing a jacket then remove it, it tells the interviewer that you’re planning on sticking around!

Be Responsive

Make sure that you’re responsive such as nodding when your interviewer asks a question, again it shows your enthusiasm and demonstrates that you’re listening. This combined with good eye contact will help you appear calm and confident too, even if you’re not feeling that way!


Don’t forget to smile throughout the interview, showing the hiring manager that you’re a friendly person who would fit well in to their company. Of course you don’t need to be smiling the whole time, but trying to remember this little tip can make all the difference.


The Don’ts

Don’t Shake Their Hand Off!

There’s always a lot of focus on giving a firm handshake and that’s important but shaking their hand too hard can be a little aggressive and could leave a lasting impression, but not the kind of lasting impression you’re hoping for!

Make Yourself Too Comfortable

As much as you need to make yourself comfortable, try not to make yourself too comfortable! Think about your posture, try to not slouch or appear too relaxed as it sends the message to the interviewer that you’re not interested and have better places to be.

Fold Your Arms

It’s a little basic but during interviews we can tend to fold our arms. It’s a natural way of sitting when you’re nervous or feel that you need to protect yourself. Unfold your arms so you don’t look defensive but instead open and welcoming.


If you’re not comfortable or if you’re wearing something that you don’t feel comfortable in then you may have a tendency to fidget throughout the interview which could distract the interviewer from your well thought out answers.

Drift Off

It’s important to remember all these tips and not drift off. Sometimes once we get comfortable in an interview we can forget the basics, so just maintain great body language throughout and you’ll put yourself in a strong position to secure the role.

Good luck, we’re sure you’re going to do great!


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