During the coronavirus uncertainty, you may have pressed pause on your company’s recruitment activity. But as the economy restarts and many businesses reopen and look to the future, you may now be considering hiring new staff again. What’s the best way to restart your recruitment process? Here are Optimum Recruitment’s top tips:

Reprioritise your roles

During the lockdown, your company strategy likely underwent some significant changes. As such, vacancies that were previously available may no longer be relevant, some will have changed, and other new roles may need to be created. It’s important to understand which roles are now business-critical and put those to the top of your list. As a hiring manager or in-house recruiter, you may want to speak to senior management to understand strategic priorities and where your roles fit in.

Times have changed: remote working is in

Before lockdown, all of your roles may have been office-based. Now, with employees working from home en masse – and candidates therefore expecting future jobs to support remote working – you may want to adjust your expectations and job advertisements to suit. Does the role really need to be done from the office, or can you support a completely remote worker? Could you at least offer home working as a perk? If not, you may find you lose candidates to companies that can.

Accept the unknowns

With the best will (and all the necessary research) in the world, the total uncertainty of this time means you won’t be able to predict the future or how the job market, your business or candidates will behave. It’s important to accept these unknowns and be open with candidates. Speaking honestly about how the role may adjust in line with future priorities, and that an employee could even help to shape their role, could potentially attract great talent.

Show how you handled the pandemic

Don’t be surprised if at interview a candidate poses the question: “How did your company handle the lockdown?”. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate how you were agile and adapted, how you looked after employees and how your firm has developed as a result. If your company had to make people redundant during the lockdown, you’ll need to establish a positively-framed and well-rehearsed response to this question that is both honest but optimistic about the future.

Accept help

As an in-house recruiter or hiring manager, depending upon the types of roles you’re hiring for, you may be inundated with applicants and will need to consider how best to manage your time as a result. This may include delegating to other people in your organisation or potentially to an external recruitment agency. A recruitment agency can not only field applications for you, but also help you to understand the current job market, what the trends are and how you can remain competitive over other companies. 

Optimum Recruitment are highly experienced at placing talented candidates, and are happy to support you with restarting your hiring process quickly and seamlessly. If you’d like to know more about our services or simply to understand whether we could help you, please contact us.



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