It’s undeniable that, this year, the world of work has become somewhat unrecognisable for many. But as a job-hunter or employee, there are skills you can develop that will help you to thrive in 2020’s workplaces – whether you’re looking to change roles or simply progress in your own job.

Adaptability and resilience

Times have been tough, and many people have seen their roles undergo huge change. Learning to be adaptable demonstrates to employers that you’re able to move with the times, and being resilient means you’re able to take the rough with the smooth. As soft skills, adaptability and resilience take personal dedication, time and reflection in order to develop, but employers will find them incredibly beneficial – and so will you.


Creativity is a highly-prized skill, particularly during a time when automation is beginning to take over more and more roles. And creativity doesn’t simply mean being good at the arts: a creative mindset can be applied to almost every job, and can impact problem-solving, strategy, critical thinking and innovation. Essentially, being creative is about generating ideas and building upon the ideas of others.

Digital skills

The digital transformation of organisations was already underway before the pandemic, but during a time of remote working and new processes, it has seen a serious boost. Digital abilities are now more important than ever. Those with IT, software development, web design and development, coding, digital marketing and other digital skills will be increasingly in-demand. But those who don’t work in these professions will still need to be digitally-savvy too: computer, digital and data literacy skills are must-haves in a 2020 workplace.

Dedicated to lifelong learning

Learning shouldn’t end at graduation: a dedication towards continuous professional development is key for success in 2020 and beyond. According to the World Economic Forum, 35% of skills deemed essential today will change in just five years. If you aren’t keeping up with developments in your field, you’ll find it harder and harder to secure roles. Thankfully, there are many free courses on offer that will help you to brush up on the technical skills key to your role, and some even provide certifications that can be used on CVs.

 If you’d like to know what skills employers are prioritising in 2020, the experts at Optimum Recruitment are regularly in conversation with hiring managers across many sectors – and we’d be happy to help. Please do get in touch.







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