The working world has seen a seismic shift of late, with unemployment rates now significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels. So whether you’re looking to become more hireable during this time or simply want to recession-proof your job as much as possible, it’s a great opportunity to hone those essential skills that will help you to stand out. 


Determination – the ability to persevere and stick with things when the going gets tough – is key for both job-hunting during a recession but also in most roles. Tenacity helps you to overcome challenges, which will be important if your organisation goes through structural changes as a result of the recession.


The ability to weather the storm and withstand turbulent and uncertain times has been key during the pandemic, and will remain so during the recession. Resilient people are able to recover quickly from setbacks and get back on their feet – and this will be important both within roles and also when searching for new jobs.

Time management

Nationwide, across almost every industry, productivity has seen a significant slump. Those employees and candidates who are able to manage their time more effectively and become the most efficient will no doubt be prized by employers.

Empathy and compassion

At work, we may often forget that we should be humans first and employees second. That means being unafraid to show empathy, compassion, warmth and even vulnerability. Honing these skills demonstrates high emotional intelligence and makes you a better colleague and manager, and will also solidify other peoples’ trust in you.


Self-motivated people don’t need other people to constantly keep them on track: they are driven by their own goals and are disciplined enough to stick to them. In a recession, self-motivated people are innately more independent and require less time from their manager, therefore quickly becoming a great asset.


We can all pick holes in processes or shoot down ideas, but it takes a level of skill to find solutions to problems and build on others’ solutions. Problem-solving skills are of great use during times of recession, as companies look to streamline or find answers when new challenges crop up. For those seeking a new job during this time, problem-solving will help you to approach this creatively and find new ways of getting noticed.

Software skills

No matter your role or industry, in today’s digital age you invariably will need to use some form of software. Being literate in not only the systems you’re used to, but comparable systems that other employers use, will mean you’re able to hit the ground running and require less training time no matter where you go – a potential boon in busy times.

Recessions can be daunting, but utilising these tips and building upon these skills will help to ensure that your career is as secure as possible in the coming months. If you’re currently looking for a role and would like to know more about being hireable during a recession, please get in touch with the Optimum Recruitment team: we’re happy to advise.










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