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Creating an effective CV

Your CV is often your first point of contact with a company or a recruiter, so getting it right is vital. Tailoring your CV to the role you are applying for has never been more important in a digital age, when a hiring manager will get hundreds of applications from various online channels. If your experience relates to the role clearly on your CV, then you will better engage the reader and stand a greater chance of making it to the interview stage.


Top tips

  • Your CV should include a summary of who you are and the experience you have. It does not need to be more than a few lines and should sell you and your experience concisely.
  • Key achievements can be very powerful on a CV, so use tangible information, such as “Since implementing my initiative we have seen an X% improvement in employee engagement”.
  • Just as important as the content is the presentation. Ensure the layout of your CV is clear and consistent including all fonts and formatting.
  • Ensure that there are no unexplained time lapses or inconsistencies regarding career history.
  • Make sure to include any professional/industry standard qualifications.
  • Avoid excessive industry jargon: a hiring manager is looking to get to know the real you.

Preparing for an interview

When it comes to interviews, you can never be too prepared. Thorough research and effective preparation is essential to guarantee interview success. As well as giving you a head start on the opposition, it also helps to give you that all important confidence.

 We always help our candidates prepare before their interview however, here are a few top tips to get you started:


  • Review your application: if an interviewer asks you a question about something you mentioned on your application, be sure to remember what you said.
  • It is important to research the company, so that you can be prepared for any questions and ask insightful questions yourself. You can find substantial information about a company online, so take a look at their website and any recent news.
  • Practice your answers for the general questions, alongside competency-based questions for more senior roles. Look online for standard questions such as “why did you apply for the role?” or “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. Thinking about what to say in advance will help build your confidence.
  • An interview is as much about the interviewer learning about you, as it is about you learning about them, so have some questions prepared. Not only can you learn more about whether the job is right for you, but it also demonstrates your interest in the role.

What our candidates are saying

I introduced myself to Abi on the back of a very concise, professional post on social media some years ago when beginning to search for a new role in senior finance .  Abi runs Optimum Recruitment in a professional manner with an extremely engaging approach, supporting a range of clients to suit both the contract and permanent requirements.  I would not hesitate in using her for both the organisations or my personal requirements in the future.   

Finance Manager

After finishing maternity leave and needing a suitable job, I was pleased that Abi from Optimum Recruitment helped me in my job search. She is very modern and proactive with her approach and ensures you are prepped and confident pre-interview. Abi is more keen than other recruiters to help you move UP the ladder (salary and role) in your job search as opposed to simply finding you the exact same job just at a different company. She was successful in getting me both a pay and job title ‘rise’ and I will definitely be working with her again in the future.

Accounts Assistant

I had the pleasure of dealing with Abigail from Optimum Recruitment, when looking for a new position. Abigail contacted me about the role, which turned out to be the best fit for me out of all options.  Abigail was very helpful and thorough during the whole process, understanding both my background and needs of the recruiting company.  She made sure I was informed and happy on all stages of the process including my first week on a new job. I would highly recommend Abigail and will be pointing friends and colleagues her way in the future.

FP&A Manager

I have known Abi for years through work, both as an employer and as a candidate. Abi is extremely professional knowledgeable and friendly, the advice I have form her is very clear and helpful. I am now in my dream job because of her. So, thank you very much Abi!!

Finance Director

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