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Optimum Recruitment Group specialises in the recruitment of experienced and executive professionals across a range of roles in the Yorkshire region. We pride ourselves on enabling you to attract, engage and retain the very best local talent.

From Accountancy and Finance through to HR – entry level roles to the most senior – we have the expertise to entirely remove the hassle from recruitment. Every time.

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Our clients tell our success stories better than we ever could. Here’s what candidates and clients who have used our services have to say:

"I agreed to have an initial meeting with Abigail as I had been impressed with an organisation she had previously worked for. What came across was an obvious passion to deliver excellent customer service by agreeing a way of working which would always suit the clients needs. Abigail told me she particularly enjoys meeting candidates and to me that is critical so that a recruiter can propose the right candidates for each role - many recruitment organisations propose candidates that they have never met face to face. Abigail also explained that Optimum's business model was to work with a limited number of candidates at any one time in order to ensure they can deliver a first class service for their clients. Having since worked with Abigail I have been very pleased to say she has worked in a very proactive and responsive way to deliver a service as she had outlined when we first met."

Finance Director

"I have known Abi for over 15 years from both a client and a candidate perspective. My initial contact was as a client; her understanding of my business and requirements coupled with the extremely closely matched candidate list that she supplied was such that I was keen to re-connect with Abi when I wished to use her services from a candidate perspective. I have done business with Abi multiple times since then and on each occasion,  she has maintained that high professional, yet personal, approach. She is focussed and driven to meet my requirements but not afraid to challenge when necessary – an approach that is refreshing. I am certain that we will continue to do business together for many years to come."

Finance Director

"When I was job-hunting I was registered with a number of agencies but only Abi at Optimum actually engaged with me as a person.  She was excellent at quickly understanding my capabilities and personality and put me forward for roles to which I was well matched.  This meant that I did not have endless interviews and time off work for jobs that I would not have been interested in.  I quickly secured a new role that  am very happy in.  Throughout the process, Abi was attentive and supportive without making me worry about the process, for example her advice on preparing for interview was reassuring and realistic rather than a formulaic list of 'to dos' that other agencies can send you.  Abi is a caring recruiter - she texted me to wish me good luck, called me quickly to feedback and sent me a congratulations card when I was offered the job.

I would not hesitate to recommend Abi & Optimum to anyone looking for a finance role in Yorkshire."

Financial Accountant

"Abi has assisted us a few times now to recruit into finance roles at different levels. Abi's great at quickly grasping our requirements and cultural fit to find some excellent shortlisted candidates. She's proactive, but not pushy and I found the whole process efficient and well thought though. She clearly knows her candidates too and was able to add a bit more colour to the CV's, so that we could understand the individual. I can definitely recommend Abi, she's one of the good ones!"

Finance Director

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