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Optimum Recruitment Group specialises in the recruitment of experienced and executive professionals across a range of roles in the Yorkshire region. We pride ourselves on enabling you to attract, engage and retain the very best local talent.

From Accountancy and Finance through to HR – entry level roles to the most senior – we have the expertise to entirely remove the hassle from recruitment. Every time.

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Access the best local talent and fill vacancies with ease. Relax in the knowledge that every step of the process is handled on your behalf.

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Our clients tell our success stories better than we ever could. Here’s what candidates and clients who have used our services have to say:

"We have used Optimum Recruitment for a number of years and have been able to build a real rapport with Abigail and her colleagues as they have supported us with a number of vital, often complex hiring opportunities.  The team at Optimum are highly responsive, willing to challenge our thought processes and invest the time and effort to find credible, relevant and well briefed candidates who accurately match the brief provided.."

Finance Director

"Abi has assisted us a few times now to recruit into finance roles at different levels. Abi's great at quickly grasping our requirements and cultural fit to find some excellent shortlisted candidates. She's proactive, but not pushy and I found the whole process efficient and well thought though. She clearly knows her candidates too and was able to add a bit more colour to the CV's, so that we could understand the individual. I can definitely recommend Abi, she's one of the good ones!."

Finance Director

"Optimum saved us after weeks of interviews with candidates not meeting the requirement.

Abi listened to the requirements and asked all of the right questions to understand clearly what our requirements were. 2 great candidates sent through with one being the perfect fit competence wise and also a great cultural fit. The whole process was painless and with great results, would highly recommend.!"

Financial Controller

"As a part of high growth, private equity backed organisations, I have relied heavily on having the services of a first class, cost effective, recruitment professional. I have worked very closely with Abigail Simpson to source the best people for my teams. I  selected Optimum Recruitment because of their reputation for operating with honesty and their track record of delivering the best service. I was delighted with the outcome."

Chief Financial Officer

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Making a difference

People matter. That is why Optimum Recruitment Group believes that CSR plays a vital role at the heart of any good recruitment company. Our CSR activity defines our organisation’s ethics and values and we readily support a number of worthy causes on a regular basis.

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