Pairing the right candidate with the right role

Your organisation is not just seeking another pair of hands: you are looking for a skilled and dedicated individual who can make a real difference in your organisation and fit in with your ethos. That’s where we come in. Optimum Recruitment Group works hard to engage with you so we can find the best talent that really fits.

We understand the cost

We know how costly a bad hire can be, not just financially but also in terms of productivity and morale. Using our expertise, innovative thinking and tailored service, we are focused on ensuring we place the right person every time. This discerning approach also means we won’t bombard you with hundreds of CVs to wade through, or waste your time by sending unsuitable candidates for you to interview.


We meet every client we support

In order to get a comprehensive brief on company culture and fit – something that simply cannot be achieved through email alone – and departmental information, structures, job specifications and more, we meet every client we offer support and guidance to. This way, you can rest in the knowledge that you have selected the recruitment partner that is fully immersed in your business, and we can be certain that we will pair you with the right talent every time.


We meet every candidate we recommend

We fully assess every candidate we send your way, putting them through a technical and competency-based interview where required. Our thorough recruitment process means you are presented with only the highest quality candidates in the marketplace and our end-to-end solution means you are given comprehensive support every step of the way.


We listen to what you are looking for – and what they are looking for

We genuinely listen in order to build up a good understanding of what type of person you need to find. Similarly, we create strong relationship with our candidates, encouraging an open dialogue so we can be sure they are right for the role. We take the time to understand what makes them tick and their career aspirations to be sure that not only have you gained the ideal candidate, but that you won’t lose them to your competitors.



What our clients are saying

As a part of high growth, private equity backed organisations, I have relied heavily on having the services of a first class, cost effective, recruitment professional. I have worked very closely with Abigail Simpson to source the best people for my teams. I selected Optimum Recruitment because of their reputation for operating with honesty and their track record of delivering the best service. I was delighted with the outcome.


We have used Optimum Recruitment for a number of years and have been able to build a real rapport with Abigail and her colleagues as they have supported us with a number of vital, often complex hiring opportunities.  The team at Optimum are highly responsive, willing to challenge our thought processes and invest the time and effort to find credible, relevant and well briefed candidates who accurately match the brief provided.

Finance Director & HR Manager

Abi has assisted us a few times now to recruit into finance roles at different levels. Abi’s great at quickly grasping our requirements and cultural fit to find some excellent shortlisted candidates. She’s proactive, but not pushy and I found the whole process efficient and well thought though. She clearly knows her candidates too and was able to add a bit more colour to the CV’s, so that we could understand the individual. I can definitely recommend Abi, she’s one of the good ones!

Finance Director

Optimum saved us after weeks of interviews with candidates not meeting the requirement. 

Abi listened to the requirements and asked all of the right questions to understand clearly what our requirements were. 2 great candidates sent through with one being the perfect fit competence wise and also a great cultural fit. The whole process was painless and with great results, would highly recommend.

Financial Controller

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We have the experience and depth of understanding to help you place the right individual in the right role. Our recruitment specialists are on hand to advise and support you in any stage of the process.

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